Ensure a seamless implementation of WSO2’s powerful middleware platform


WSO2’s open source platform helps you to provide digital services to your customers.

Today’s connected businesses have greater opportunities than ever before to provide digital services to their customers. Yet, organizations face a range of challenges in providing these new services. JALGI TECHNOLOGIES WSO2 Middleware Implementation services will help you overcome the following challenges:

  • The presence of multiple sources of data.
  • Software products created in different programming languages.
  • A critical need to maintain the integrity, speed and availability of information.

WSO2’s open source platform helps you to quickly and simply overcome these common challenges.



As one of Latin America’s foremost Agile service providers, JALGI TECHNOLOGIES has more than 20 years of experience developing software products for both some of the largest global companies, as well as innovative startups. The rigor of our product development heritage provides an excellent basis to provide WSO2 dedicated services.

We provide a straightforward step-by-step approach to help you implement and deploy the platform to overcome your special business challenges.

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