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Automation testing strategies are some of the tools that JALGI TECHNOLOGIES QA engineers use to support Agile Testing. Applying deep expertise on when and how to apply automation testing helps avoid costly mistakes and supports better outcomes.

Engaging and user friendly software drives significant brand, customer relationship and financial benefits to firms. Agile software testing is critical in developing the next generation of software.

As an early adopter of Agile, JALGI TECHNOLOGIES established an Agile Software Testing & Center of Excellence (COE). Agile has a transformative impact on traditional testing methods – requiring a much greater focus on the technology, architectural requirements, and design. This COE ensures JALGI TECHNOLOGIES remains at the forefront of new technologies, tools, and developments in testing.

To help your company develop first-rate software, many of JALGI TECHNOLOGIES testers have prior experience as developers. QA engineers are embedded with developers and work as one unit. This produces a particular mindset which enhances the overall Agile software development process, accelerates the project timeframe, and increases the quality of the code. Quality issues are seen in context, then identified, prioritized and fixed in real time to support the goals of the overall project. This helps you develop software faster and with better quality.

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