Automation and Agile go hand in hand to increase quality and drive returns in product development.


JTPL automated Testing approach is aligned with Agile. Using the principles of Agile – simplicity, communication, feedback, and iterations – code is broken down into discrete groupings, and prioritized for testing. The most efficient test automation tools are selected and then used to test the software so that feedback is received in real-time, minimizing defects and decreasing product risks.

Faster and faster software releases combined with demands for increased quality places a premium on effective and efficient testing. The only way to keep up with these challenging demands is test automation. Our Automation Testing Solutions improve the software development process and provide a way to quickly react to fast changing software and requirements. Our solutions utilize new technologies and tools such as selenium for mobile test automation, to ensure your testing can accommodate ever faster development cycles.

JTPL QA engineers, usually developers themselves, are embedded as part of the overall development team and involved from day one of the project. They can determine when it makes sense to employ automated testing, and how best to avoid costly mistakes.

Leading companies rely on JTPL extensive and deep experience in Agile and automated testing to decrease product defects and drive higher returns in their product development efforts.

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