As software rises in importance, so testing becomes a strategic priority.


Using a combination of manual and automated testing, plus using the expertise from JALGI TECHNOLOGIES Agile Testing Center of Excellence, JALGI TECHNOLOGIES provides you with the software QA and testing services to ensure your software meets and exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Cutting corners on testing software presents significant business risks, from losing customers to impacting your brand´s reputation. Software QA & testing services have become critical to organizations because of the importance software now has in every business.

Just remember the repeated software disasters experienced by Natwest/Royal Bank of Scotland. Millions of payments were not processed, and customers could not access their accounts or make withdrawals. This was all due to a software glitch that could have been prevented with effective testing—all they would have needed to do was hire a software testing firm.

JALGI TECHNOLOGIES provides software testing services to companies, helping ensure that software is up to the mark and meets customer expectations!

To achieve this, JALGI TECHNOLOGIES recruits top software engineers who have a passion for testing and then provides QA-specific training and a fertile environment for them to grow and develop their expertise.

Modern applications require new approaches to testing. See what make us different.

Our Software QA & Testing solutions.


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